Matt Diffey CV

Grey London // Planning Intern (October-December 2016)

University of Oxford // BA Economics & Management (2:i, 2013-2016)

Westminster School // 2008-2013 (AAAB)


After 3 months at Grey London as a planning intern, and completing my studies at Oxford, I’m looking to build on my professional, academic and creative experiences, and find my next role in advertising. I’ve been passionate about all things creative for many years, and thrive working in that environment. Advertising presents an opportunity to bring that together with the analytical nature of an E&M degree. Hard working, organised and humble, I bring a genuine love for both the level of human understanding that goes into effective advertising, and the culture-defining creative work that comes out of it.

2016 // Planning Intern // Grey London

  • Competitive reviews, insight decks and trend reports

  • Desk research

  • Social media analysis

  • Preparatory decks for chemistry/pitch meetings



  • BA Economics & Management from Oxford University (2:i)

  • A-Levels: Economics A / Mathematics A / Fine Art A (Pre-U)/ Further Maths (B)

  • GCSE: 8A*s, 1 A


IT Skills

  • Extensive knowledge and expertise in various productivity and creative programs (MS Office and Adobe Creative Cloud with a focus on Photoshop and Lightroom primarily, as well as building on my understanding of video software, primarily Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve)
  • Self taught, fast and enthusiastic learner.


  • Familiarity using industry specific research platforms and journals such as Mintel, Euromonitor, WARC etc. as well as broader academic settings.

Maths/Statistical Proficiency

  • Heavy focus on statistics both at school and university, including quantitative economics, regression modelling and sample analysis allows me to go deeper than just parroting back a numerical soundbite.

Analytical research and discussion

  • Strong written and research work from essay-based nature of the management courses.
  • Understanding of and passion for both creative and strategic sides of advertising and marketing, from both a photographic perspective and maintained through a continued appetite for advertising content (podcasts, magazines etc.)



Photography has taught me many aspects of group contribution and teamwork due to my primary interest in portraiture and fashion work. I have been semi-professional and involved with every major Oxford student publication as well as other media outlets.

Project development is one of the greatest skills I’ve learnt through my photography, building projects over time from a talent scouting and team building perspective as well as coordinating multiple, diversely skilled parties. While I’m not pursuing a full time career in photography, it has taught me a lot about both being able to target and achieve results outside of pure academia and also in coordinating and contributing to teams of myriad skillsets and backgrounds.


Played tennis at school and also competed in motorsport from an early age. I value these experiences highly, as they taught me leadership when in high ranked pairs in tennis or organising a racing team and strategy, while also putting a great deal of emphasis on individual performance and discipline - the combination of individual discrete input and group performance has suited me well.

I held a committee position in the Oxford University Motor Drivers Club during my studies, and competed with them in the British Universities Karting Championship in the university’s first team, finishing a university best 6th last year in the championship (of 54 teams in the main championship and 88 entered teams overall)